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Pre-Sale & Pre-Purchase

Valuation of your property for the purpose of a sale helps you arrive at the true market value of your property hence elimination of a false
value (undervalue or over valuing)


In case of disaster strikes or physical damage to your property you need an insurance to help you stand back in cases like these. You need a valuation to know how much your property is worth so that it can be insured with its exact worthy which will then make it easier for you to recover your property again. Our reports provide with such information such as the gross replacement cost and indemnity value among others to make sure your not being underinsured or over insured.

Financial Year End

Financial statements, according to accounting standards, are supposed to reflect the true value of the business. The valuation of properties for a financial year-end will ensure that you report or see your assets’ current actual value.


We provide valuation services for underlying properties to be used collateral against lonas.

These valuations stated above can be done on:

  • Land and buildings
  • Plant and machinery
  • Biological assets
  • Office furniture and fittings
  • Motor vehicles

Our Valution process goes through the following stages before the product is produced:
1. Receive valuation instruction.
2. Determine customer and legal requirements of the property valuation to eliminate variances
in the valuation reporting
3. Determine valuation criteria that conforms to the set requirements
4. Affirm the appointment for property inspection before departure to ensure timely arrival for
access on site.
5. Determine any other necessary resources needed for the valuation process as applicable to
the set requirements.
6. On arrival, establish a contact person granting access into the property before entrance.
7. Inspect and evaluate property as per valuation work instruction.
8. Compile valuation report as per applicable valuation requirements.
9. Submit report for quality check
10. Registered Valuer shall ensure that Valuation Reports or work outputs that do not conform
to standard requirements shall not be released to Clients
NB Our valuation report turnaround time is 24 hours

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