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Mortgage sector

Mortgage loans from December 2017 constituted an average of 12-14% of the total productive sector lending.  There was a sharp decline from a double-digit figure of 19.54% recorded in June 2019 before SI142 of 2019 5.65% in December 2019. This is because banks are increasingly adopting a cautious lending approach and thus not issuing out as much loans and further, the product seems greatly trailing behind inflation.

Figure 4: Percentage distribution of mortgage loans December 2017 – 2019

“Commercial property values are dependent on the rental cash flows, as such the organizational capacities to pay rentals will be compromised which will affect property values”

Source: RBZ Monetary Policy statements

Mortgages returns remain negative in real terms with inflation above 500% while interest rates now at 25%. Secured lending will remain viable either way as any default the borrower loses more and banks would benefit more from defaults when they repossess.

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