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Spatial Planning Levels and Sustainability.

In the last national budget, the government availed funding for all local authorities to...
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Navigating Zimbabwe’s New Monetary Frontier: A Profound Analysis and Real Estate Implications

by: Dr Bekithemba Mpofu Chief Real Estate Officer, Integrated...
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Exploring the Vast Terrain: Real Estate Investment Unveiled in the African Landscape.

In the ever-evolving realm of global investment, the robust emergence of real estate as a...
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Cultivating Sustainability: Empowering Zimbabwe’s Real Estate with a Green Housing Fund.

Introduction In embarking on its journey towards economic revitalization, Zimbabwe finds...
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Green Buildings, Energy Efficiency and Economic Development: The Nexus.

The global discourse surrounding environmental sustainability has intensified recently,...
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Governance of Valuation

Valuations play a crucial role in various aspects of business, finance, and investing. They...
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When buying stands the first point of call is the council, then the deeds office &...
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In the wake of climate change-induced disasters across the world, the significance of...
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Sustainability in Africa: A Crisis in Progress?

The African environment is so good John Hemingway had to confess; “If I have ever seen...
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Transforming Zimbabwe’s Property Market

Zimbabwe has an ambitious vision of becoming an upper-middle-income society by the year 2030....
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The Built Environment: The overlooked sector.

There are challenges the world over and all countries are in a similar predicament of having...
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The Importance of Property Valuation

Property valuations act as an independent price discovery tool for both the property buyer...
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