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When buying stands the first point of call is the council, then the deeds office & surveyor general

Ask for the following documents and information:

  1. Subdivision permit- issued after layout plans have been approved
  2. Development Permit – issued after engineering designs have been approved by Council Engineers
  3. Dispensation Certificate – issued after title survey have been approved by Surveyor General
  4. Certificate of Compliance- issued by council
  5. Title deed of the property (title deed gives the legal name of the property which can be verified by the Registrar of Deeds for $1RTGS l, including the person who owes the property or stand) or Offer letter from the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works & National Housing (this can be verified by the Department of Stateland or Department of Physical Planning)
  6. If he/she holds an offer letter from Ministry of Lands be suspicious because he/she needs no get a change of use permit from say agriculture to residential/housing, then layout has to be approved by Dept of Physical Planning.
  7. NB In Zimbabwe only 2 Local Authorities are allowed to give subdivision permits (at this point in time) without passing through the Ministry of Local Government, that is City of Harare and City of Bulawayo.

If he/she fails to produce these when you request for them put a big � It’s highly likely that their project or development is not compliant and you might be duped. Even if he/she tries to persuade you that we will be done with all the paperwork � soon, just walk away. Many people have been told that before and there are areas which have no complience as far back as 1998. You will not work and It won’t work simple!!!


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