Property valuations are critical to all real estate owners, cooperates and
individuals alike. We are capable and available to provide a true and well
supported opinion of your property’s value to enable you or your stakeholders to
make an informed decision. Our reports go further than just sticking a figure on
your property. They summarize the market dynamics and your property
fundamentals, bringing the two together to form an opinion. These valuation
reports comply with international best practice and are subjected to intense
scrutiny and review at all levels to ensure a quality final product.

Town Planning

Land is a valuable asset, Town Planning a science by which we enable our clients to achieve the maximum practicable benefit from their land through ordering the use of their land. These benefits include economic benefits, convenience, and conservation of the property’s environment as well the safety, health and wellbeing of people working or living on and around the property. Integrated Properties assists in making the wise sustainable land ordering decisions.

Construction Project Management

Property development deals with physical design and impact of urban spaces, energy use,biodiversity, waste production, water consumption and water course patterns. All this needs to be done in a sustainable manner. You bring your project, we deliver it back with sustainability
and on time. Our Project Management solutions aim to provide multidisciplinary services for the sustainable property development of the built environment, in close relationship with clients, employees and partners, based on mutual shared values.

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