Integrated Properties ignites the Real Estate Industry!

INTEGRATED PROPERTIES, from its inception developed a penchant of setting the course in uncharted territories within the Real Estate sector. They recently scored a first by attaining three ISO Certifications at the same time, becoming the first Real Estate Consultancy in Zimbabwe to achieve such. In 2013 they became the first to attain the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and they recently managed to meet the rigorous requirements to comply with ISO 14001 Environment Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety. The three standards are a mirror image of the sustainability pillars which are Economic, Social and Environment as well as the triple bottom line principles of People, Planet and Profit. What makes this achievement remarkable is the fact that ISO Certifications are neither mandatory nor easy to attain, all what one requires are resources, sacrifice and exceptional commitment.

While the prevailing economic challenges could have been a deterrent to work towards the certifications, the desire for embracing globally acceptable “best practices” could not stop the initiative and conviction. Integrated Properties are not new to achieving firsts in business as they have won several awards since 2011 when their CEO Mr. Mike Eric Juru was awarded the ZNCC Entrepreneur of the Year and then in 2012 he was further awarded the Director of the year award by the Institute of Directors Zimbabwe.

In 2013 the organisation was recognised and awarded The Customer Service Excellence Award by the Zimbabwe Institute of Management and were also awarded the Company of the year award at the 2013 National Annual Quality Awards. Another significant recognition came when they won the SADC Company of the year at the 2014 SADC Annual Quality Awards. The achievements clearly demonstrate the calibre of leadership found at the organisation.

Their latest achievement gives their clients assurance of quality provided by an organisation that has respect of the environment as well as the workforce and communities in which they operate in. It is also capacitating them to move away from generic Real Estate products/services and riding on the latest innovation wave that has hit the first world, that of greening products and services to achieve organisational sustainability. To that effect, they have upgraded their product lines as follows;

Sustainable Valuation from Valuation & Advisory Services Green Leasing from Property Management Green Urban Design & Development from Town Planning Consultancy Green Construction Management from Construction Management and lastly, they have introduced a new product line Environmental Impact Assessments.

Their new products are a new phenomenon in the local market, they advocate for energy efficiency, water conservation, recycling, reuse and reduction of materials which all ultimately help in management of financial resources and the environment. Furthermore, demonstrating how they have infused innovation for relevance in a fast changing world as well as demonstrating their flexibility to adapting to necessary changes within their sector.

In an interview with the Founder and CEO of Integrated Properties, Mr Mike Eric Juru he said “we cannot continue to live and do business as usual as if there is another planet in the making”. He further conceded to the fact that the built environment is responsible for more than 40% of Global energy use and a third of global greenhouse gas emission hence as consultants in the Real Estate Sector, they saw it fit to implement ISO standards that would help the organisation play its part in reducing ozone depletion and environmental degradation.

Interestingly, where one would imagine that armed with the three ISO certification, Integrated Properties would rest, Mr Juru confirmed that “the greatest news to our clients and stakeholders is that, we are not stopping with these three systems, NO!! We are already working on other critical and relevant Management Systems like Enterprise Wide Risk Management System and Business continuity which would make Integrated Properties an undoubted ‘going concern’ and would give confidence to all stakeholders. Thanks to our strategic partners in ISO Management Systems development and implementation, Standards Association of Zimbabwe and Premierlink Services, who are resolute to our quest, having moved us from Red Oceans to the Blue Oceans and now destined for the Clear Space, within our vision.

Some people may wonder why all these systems and the answer is very simple. We are geared towards being a World Class organisation complying with best practice and strategically designed and capable to support organisations to comply with the requirements for Global Reporting Initiatives and the National Code on Corporate Governance Zimbabwe (NCCG). It is no longer time for trial and error, but an era for strategic systems thinking. It is therefore a key investment that we are making today for the benefit of our stakeholders into the long future.”

– staff reporter-