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Valuation Conundrum

Many a time, upon realizing the trade or profession of a new acquaintance, people tend to seek immediate free advice and the author being a property Valuer, the question frequently asked to him is “What is the value of my property in this location with such improvements”. This is one of the most difficult conundrum […]

Home ownership – Build or buy and renovate

The current fuel situation while unwelcome has made me realize people crave for information and guidance and they at the same time make use of every opportunity available to ask and seek clarification. As car owners patiently wait for the precious liquid, friendships are created, conversations take place, advice is given, and life goes on. […]

Property Investment Commandments

Without turning this into a religious discussion, commandments in this context are taken as rules to be observed. It is also important to clarify investment and to avoid any doubt, investment involves deliberately allocating resources with a hope of securing returns over the principal amount in the future, based on fundamentals and analysis. Investment is […]

The Built Environment: The overlooked sector

This column, the first of the many to come, is envisaged to raise awareness and trigger debate on issues needing urgent address to the wide cross section of readers in their various forms such as practitioners, consumers, owners, regulators, authorities, financiers as well as being informative and educative, all within the Built environment and draw […]

Integrated Properties SHEQ Policy

SAFETY, HEALTH, ENVIRONMENT AND QUALITY POLICY Our vision is to be a world-class Real Estate business that dominate all the markets we serve and dedicated to create and unlock value for our stakeholders through provision of unique customer oriented Real Estate sustainability solutions. This is achieved through implementing and meeting requirements of ISO9001, ISO45001 and […]